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Black Axxis                 Black Axxis

My obligatory links... Guaranteed not to suck.

I'm in love with this page. Grade A Pro work....!     If this one isn't in your links already, it SHOULD be. Add it. Now.     I know this one is already on your favs list. But it deserves another mention...!

Pretty damned good art. Great fanart and original works, Lindsay and Jared are a pair of the best on the web!     Kick-ass Manga art from England? Believe it.


Here's a random sampling of my favorites...

PHOTOSHOP JUNKIE  This is just too cool. Frequent contests,  very realistic photoshopped Tuner Cars!

ARTBELL I love this stuff. America's #1 Radio show.

X-ENTERTAINMENT I just can't say enough about this site. Relive the 80's in all it's Glory.

I-MOCKERY An excellent entertainment site in the vein of X-Entertainment. Good time passer, this one...

E-SHEEP Check out 'the Spiders'. It's one of the BEST flash toons I have ever seen. I mean it...