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               Welcome to the gallery, my little space on the web to showcase my work. Newest items are on top, image descriptions  are  in the mouseovers, blah blah blah... I know this page isn't the most presentable gallery page around, but I'm working on it...

Last Updated OCT 25th 2002...                                         

I was bored, so I threw this pic together. Just for fun. Wow. Sofia from Battle Area Toshinden. Done for the MVGC. One of the few pics I've done with a decent background...!I got bored with this one pretty quick, and I know it shows. Another member of The Acolytes. I LOVE this pic. I colored straight over the pencils, no inking. Originally intended to be a Resident Evil pic, but turned out much... nastier. Sorry...A glimpse into hell.... Just in time for Halloween, huh? Old School Wolverine... Sept. 2002

Originally meant to be a generic thief pic, I think it came out pretty good. An Acolyte. An original character, Sept 2002. He's a member of the Acolytes, a sort of dark Superteam I came up with. Scorpion from Mortal Kombat 5 - Sept 2002Metal Gear Solid 2 - Sons of Liberty ---Sept. 2002I like this one, too. It's an original pic of a tribal-tatted warrior princess of some sort. TETSUUYOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! A rare piece of Akira Fan art. A CD cover for a fictional band called System 6. Don't ask why she has a '7' on her baby tee...

I did this Metal Gear Solid 2 pic months before the game came out, to try to get the jump on PSM magazine. That's why the suit is COMPLETELY wrong. Duh. And the HAIR is TOTALLY wrong. and he looks oriental... and skinny. Damn. BATMAN fanart. I can't get enough of this guy. An original character, he's some sort of huge, ripped-up tribal barbarian. I did this Resident Evil fanart a LONG time ago. I never have really liked it.I did this all-too anatomically correct Alien while listening to the Art Bell show. I don't like this one, so I never finished it. Yuck. A minor demon. Nothing too fancy.

Ghost in The Shell. Masamune Shirow fanart done a long time ago.  This was one of my first CG's.  Headshot of a common RPG Ranger type. I used a real fabric texture  on the hood, just to see how it looked. Kaeris- An original character, she's the official mascot of BlackAxxis. Soon to be star of her own Splash page...A sketch of the Gentleman. Playboy. Gambler. Hired gun. The shadiest of characters...The beautiful Chun-Li from streetfighter. Early 2000.Shoot him, burn him, blow him up, or hack him up. It doesn't matter. Jason Vorhees will still find ya. The beast. Just a quick sketch while bored on 24 hour staff duty.

Bruce Wayne, billionaire playboy and all around pimp. Posing next to the trademark Cowl. Ludacris, top dog of DefJam South. A rough pic, done while on deployment to Egypt. Yeah, I know the jewlery is a bit hokey looking. Don't front. >:)The HipHop Samurai. I envisioned this as a cool 3 part comic. Too bad there's no story. 2 More members of the Acoyltes, my superteam. the Delta Dawg,  a T-shirt design I did while stationed at Schofield Barracks, Hi. We never used it, but the Dawg lives on...The Terminator's grill. The pencil lines were just guides for when I give it the photoshop chrome look. NeoGenesis mech. An original creation, intended on being the first of a team of 3. Never happened, though.

Another Mortal Kombat Fanart. An very ugly subzero. I intend on redoing the face and adding some color.  Someday.This is a design for a tattoo I was comissioned to do. I like it. It would make a cool T-shirt, design, methinks.An old style 5-ton truck. Done as a gift for an old company Commander...Vinson... done sometime in 2001. Just your average badass Mofo...This was a Trinity/Lara Croft/Alias/Black Widow -inspired unfinished Hack. 2001. This guy had about 100 names. I finally settled on Boil, to match his complexion and his power.This was going to be a pic for my old website, AtomicDream. But I lost interest.

All art on this page is copyrighted by Myron Love.

All fanart characters are TM and Copyright their original owners, and my interpretations are non-profit parody.